Our instructors at Bikram Hot Yoga Mililani have been certified by Bikram Choudhury after graduating from his intensive 9 week, Teacher Training Course.


Lisa Faia

Owner/Director & Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

lisaI attended my first Bikram Yoga class in 2003 and was immediately hooked, even though I thought the instructors and everyone in the hot room were crazy! I had never experienced a form of exercise that made me feel this amazing. I’d tried more conventional exercises and had more personal trainers than I care to admit, but nothing really stuck. I began my career as a classroom teacher and technology coordinator and, after years of burnout, fast-tracked to the corporate world of software sales responsible for some of the largest education customers in the world. My Bikram Yoga practice kept me sane, helping to combat the stresses of a high profile job, constant travel, and moving abroad. This unique system of hatha yoga reshaped my body as well as my mind. In addition to the health benefits, the yoga has helped me with self-acceptance, patience, humility and compassion. Now I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. Yoga is a way to empower, heal, and love oneself and I look forward to creating a welcoming, vibrant, strong community of practitioners at Bikram Hot Yoga Mililani. See you in the hot room!  Mahalo/Namaste.

Gail Bursell

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

gailGail attended her first Bikram Yoga class in Boston in November 2003.  Even though completely unprepared for and aghast at the heat and physical intensity of the class, she knew immediately that this hot, sweaty, yoga was something extraordinary that she wanted to permanently incorporate into her life.  After several months of regular practice and experiencing first-hand the many healing benefits of the yoga, Gail attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and graduated from the Yoga College of India in Los Angeles in June, 2005.

Gail loves teaching Bikram yoga and her passion for this powerful, life-changing yoga continually grows.  She is humbled by the yoga’s mental and physical challenges, is inspired by its innumerable benefits, and awed at how it develops physical strength and flexibility concurrently with mental focus, inner strength, self-confidence, creativity, spirituality, and overall good health and well-being.  She is extremely appreciative for the opportunity to share this transformative series and feels very privileged to be able to join others on their yoga journey.  She is deeply grateful to all her teachers and students for everything they have taught her, and continue to teach her, about this practice.

Gail, E-RYT 500, has taught extensively in studios in Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, and Melbourne, Australia.  Gail is also a certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor.

Jill Jordan

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

agagI started practicing Bikram yoga in 2003 at BYD, Bikram Yoga Decatur (Georgia).  Of all the great physical, mental and emotional  benefits I immediately started to experience, the best one was the lack of fear about situations that usually brought me much trepidation.The world opened up to me because I could see more clearly without the cloud of fear.

In 2004 while taking a much need sabbatical on the Big Island after being a high school teacher for 10 years, I read the book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda who happens to be the eldest brother of Bishnu Ghosh, the beloved guru of the best teacher I have ever had, Bikram Choudhury, of the original Hot Yoga series.

Immediately, I fell in love with Yogananda, and all that connected him to me.  At times, through his brilliant use of the English language, I felt like he was sitting next to me speaking to me directly. After reading the book, I felt compelled to do whatever I had to do to be part of spreading yoga in its many forms to the the masses, and particularly people of my country, the great USA,  where we have so much wealth but so little happiness.

I attended Bikram Yoga teacher training in Fall of 2005. During that time, the most important person in my life passed, my Mother, and I decided to dedicate myself to being a Bikram Hatha Yoga teacher because my greatest joy in life is seeing people fulfill their potential and be better than they even know is possible.  My friends, Bikram, Rajashree, Bishnu, ,and Yogananda call that Self Realization.

“You’re never too old ,never too bad, never too late, and never too sick, to start from scratch once again” Bishnu Ghosh.

At the end of teacher training, at 36 years old, I felt better, more healthy, more confident and in the best shape of my life physically,mentally, emotionally and karmicly.  Not to mention my body was, by social standards, pretty amazing!

At that point I committed myself to sharing this yoga with others, because after all, what good are all of those qualities if you can’t share with others.

The ultimate goal of all yoga is Self Realization.  I am 110% committed to maintaining the integrity and structure of the yoga I know as was taught to me by Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury and their brilliant team of master teachers including Emmy Cleaves.

Every day I express my gratitude to the One for this practice and this teaching of Bikram Yoga, the original Hot Yoga! Looking forward to seeing you in class. Don’t be scared!

Jason Lucas

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

jason2Jason began taking Bikram Yoga in Early 2008. I was not the yoga type at all. I was a long time construction worker and surfer, not a yogi. Back then I was a Union Carpenter and working hard in a fast paced production environment and the rigors of the daily bump and grind had me experiencing a plethora of aches and pains in the upper body. My shoulders, elbows, and wrists were taking a beating everyday. I tried my first class one Saturday morning and immediately I was amazed by the results and was committed to taking it the distance. The following fall in 2008, I flew from Honolulu to Acapulco for Bikram’s Teacher training. Before returning to Oahu, I travelled around in California teaching at different studios getting feedback and honing my skills as a yoga teacher. I taught at Bikram Yoga World Headquarters as regular staff in the Spring of 2009 where I also had the opportunity to practice advanced with some of the best Yogi’s out there, from Emmy, to Craig, to Bikram himself. I’m so thankful for what I have learned along the way and for the people I have met. I’m also glad to be a part of the Bikram Hot Yoga Mililani team.

Sarah Tumacder

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor


I took my first bikram yoga class in spring 2008. I’m not sure if I got anything right in that first class but one thing was sure, I walked out of that studio feeling remarkably different. My entire mind set, thought process, emotions, and physical sensations had shifted from 90 minutes of heat, sweat, and movement. I saw the people around me, the “regulars”, and I noticed they seemed happy, light, and unburdened. I knew that there was something to this, that it was just sitting there waiting for me to reach high and take hold. So I began my yoga journey and practice and it moved to become a lifestyle and faith. I have loved every sweaty heart beat breath of it all.

Whether teaching or taking nothing brings me to the present moment like a 90 minute class. It’s exciting to see the progress in my practice, my peers, and my students. The process of physical change through patience, awareness, and repetition inevitably creates mental, emotional, and spiritual change within the body. This is what primarily keeps me coming, the chance to sweat and stretch out the weight and the stress of day to day living so that I can feel and therefore live better. I truly believe that you can change the world one breath, one practice, one person at a time. The hard part is coming, the hard part is pushing, but the reward is so great, and the sky is the limit.

The best part of being a teacher is that because I truly believe in you and all that you can do I have to believe in me too, which isn’t always easy. I teach to inspire you and so I have to try to live it too. I am so grateful to all of you and for the 90 minutes that we do. Namaste.